Mission Statement   機構使命宣言

Based on the teachings and the love of Jesus Christ, we witness for Him and provide quality social services that help people develop holistically.

本著耶穌基督的教導和祂的愛, 我們為祂作見証及提供優質的社會服務, 助人全面發展。

Values   機構價值觀

Because our agency seeks to glorify God and follow Jesus Christ, we strive to provide services that are characterized by love, commitment, and integrity.

由於本機構以榮耀神及跟隨耶穌基督為目標, 我們憑著關愛、委身及正直提供服務!

Objectives 機構宗旨與目標

For the purpose of witnessing for Jesus Christ, we seek to:
  • provide opportunities and facilities for the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, cultural, and educational development of the people in the community by operating social service centres and schools;
  • meet specific needs in the community by devising new services;
  • enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the social services by developing and optimizing human, financial, and material resources.

  • 藉著設立社會服務中心及學校,為社區人士提供機會及設施,協助他們在身、心、靈、社交、文化和教育方面有適當的發展。
  • 藉著拓展新服務,以滿足社區上的特殊需要。
  • 藉著發展及善用人力、經濟及物質資源,提高社會服務的效能與效率。
2022-2023 Annual Report

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